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Doctors to operate on boy with swollen head

A two-year-old Russian boy has qualified for an operation to save his life after months of living with a head that has swollen to four times its normal size.

Eugene Sevostyanov has been living with hydrocephalus since he was born prematurely two years ago, but the symptoms have dramatically worsened over the past year, reported Russian news website Life News.

Hydrocephalus, commonly known as 'water on the brain,' is a condition which causes an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the brain cavities, sometimes causing the head to enlarge.

Russian doctors had told Eugene's parents that he would not live past five years old unless he had an operation to treat the hydrocephalus, which in his case is so severe that his head has a circumference of one metre.

Dr Saeed Kohan, neurosurgeon at Sydney's St George Private Hospital, said it was "extremely rare" for a child to have a head circumference of that size.

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Man remains in coma after vicious attack

The 3-D scans and X-rays show in horrific detail how close one Sydney man came to being savagely bashed to death in a random robbery.

The 34-year-old, from Hurstville in Sydney's south, was attacked during his morning walk on Sunday and left for dead in Maher Lane.

He was found by a passer-by, and after three hours of emergency surgery is in an induced coma in St George Hospital.

The doctors are still unsure whether he'll recover.

On Tuesday, St George Hospital neurosurgeon Dr Saeed Kohan showed reporters the images of the man's skull, crushed at his right temple with a 15cm fracture running towards the back of his head.

The blow from a blunt object shattered his temple and eye socket, fractured his skull in numerous places, as well as causing a blood clot beneath the wound and bleeding and swelling of the brain.

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